Free Free Software! *

* if you trust me

This is a substitute server for everybody using Guix on x86-64. It aims to complement CI by building only the most recent packages, and not refusing (‘baking’) fresh substitutes.

Hit it

I'm happy to provide this service to randoes like you, for free, but please keep first on the list. I pay Belgian prices for this.

More FAQs that I made up

What's built?
All current master packages. I waste no time or space on old packages as soon as newer ones exist. This is not an archive.
What's not?
Malware such as Chromium will never be distributed. That's a promise.
What's the catch?
None, really. This service may — and sometimes does — break at any time, and will vanish without warning one day. Such is life.
Why do this?
I had some big, idle Guix boxen. Do you?
Will this guix weather command ever finish?
It will. guix weather and my NGINX caching proxy don't seem to like each other very much. Berlin suffers from this as well but, for reasons unknown, less. Suggestions welcome.

Kind regards,