Free Free Software! *

* if you trust me

I'm an x86-64 substitute server for Guix. I build binaries so you don't have to. I aim to complement CI by building faster & fewer: if it's not on master right now, I don't care.

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What's the catch?
I'm a box in a house. I might — and sometimes do — break at any time, and will vanish without warning one day. Such is life.
What's built?
Everything that builds on my consumer hardware at the latest commit on the master branch. Only malware, such as Chromium, will never be distributed.
How long are substitutes kept?
I am not a CI system, nor am I an archive. You are assumed to guix pull at least daily and not care about older packages.
Why's guix weather slow?
Something about the nginx caching proxy breaking up pipelined requests? I don't really know. Answers welcome.
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